Bill Johns, MBA, MPA


Bill Johns is the Founder of the Farragut Gun Club.  Bill has been associated with the adventure, outdoors, & preparedness value chains since he was a young adult.  A proven visionary and community leader who is one of the very few in the country that holds accredited graduate degrees in both business (MBA) and public (MPA) administration including an undergraduate degree in political science and criminal justice & criminology which also included studying forensic sciences under Dr. Hugh Berryman, an early student of Dr. Bill Bass.


Bill started hunting at the age of 13 with the introduction of the Browning BPS 12 gauge and his Buck 110 lock blade knife.  As a CJ student, he road along the streets of Memphis with his fellow classmates and law enforcement friends in search of a rush while hosting the COPS production crews (and other film crews).  Bill also gained notoriety for debating Sarah Brady of Handgun Control, Inc. during a University of Memphis speaker series. 


While in graduate school, Bill was employed by Ducks Unlimited, Inc. one of the largest and most recognizable wetland conservation not for profits in its membership marketing, branding, and events management departments.  Bill especially enjoyed working with DU partners, testing out DU branded products, and meeting some of the world's most notable sportsmen and celebrities of the day.


Bill has kept up his personal and business interest in the adventure, outdoors, & preparedness value chains including founding a company that serves those markets.  Likewise, Bill through his consulting company has worked and supported the missions of homeland security organizations such as the NNSA, FBI, and other government, law enforcement, and military organizations.  Bill is also is a past member of the National Defense Industry Association (Special Operations), supports the Special Operations Warriors Foundation, and is also known in that "community".


Bill is a frequent contributor to local and national publications and is an emergency preparedness expert.

















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